Each Lenten season, artists from our community paint their personal interpretation of each Station of the Cross. The artwork ranges in style and is deeply personal. In the beginning of Spring, we meet for an Artist’s dinner and a chance to hear how each person created their own work. After the dinner, the work is hung in the Sanctuary and stays until Summer.

This year, things are a little different due to the Covid- 19 virus. The dinner and installation have been postponed, but our artists are still showcasing their work here. 

This is a unique way to experience Lent and gives viewers a personal view of the stations. After they are hung, visitors are invited to walk the stations and hear the explanations to aid in an understanding of Jesus’ story.


2019- 20 Stations Information

The size of the stations should be 24” X 30” preferably in the vertical (portrait) orientation, but we can handle landscape orientation.

In addition to the artwork each artist should write a short (1 to 3 paragraph) blurb about their painting.  It should tell what the station means to you, why you chose the station, what you learned from it or anything else of importance.

Each artist should frame or otherwise prepare the art work for hanging.  St. Partrick’s will take care of adding the wire and hanging the art work.

Questions should be directed to Diane Rankin ( or Norman Thomas (


January 25 – 8:30 to 5:00 – Open Studio for Station Artist at St. Patrick’s – ArtRm.

Jan 31 – Feb 2 – Art Retreat away from St. Patrick’s – Details to follow.

March 7 – 8:30 to 5:00 – Open Studio for Station Artists at St. Patrick’s – Art Rm.

March 30 – Blurbs due to Cowen Harter (

April 2 – Starving Artist Dinner & Unveiling of the Stations of the Cross – time to be determined.

Hanging the stations and a walk through the stations date and time to be determined.

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