13 Comer Duncan

This painting was inspired by the work of Salvador Dalí (1954) but is not a copy. Dali was also fascinated with the fourth dimension. The cross displayed here is a three dimensional projection from four dimensions. It is uniquely representative of a cross with a slight modification and makes for a powerful vision of the combination of Jesus’ death with a four dimensional context. The positioning of Jesus’ body floating in front of the cross has many interpretations but shows quite clearly the other-worldliness of the situation, with Jesus somehow suspended between the present universe and a higher dimensional world. The painting that I have done is an attempt to capture this feeling in a realistic painting style in oils. The floating figure was painted in a manner which tries to push the illusion of a three dimensional scene on a (two dimensional) canvas. As usual I learned a lot in the process of painting this station of the cross. Thanks to St. Patrick’s for the opportunity to paint this scene. And thanks to members of the Arts group for their suggestions and advice!

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